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Release NotesAug 1 2023

Announcing Dioxus 0.4

An overhauled router, fullstack, desktop hotreloading, and more!

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MiscMay 5 2023

Going full time on Dioxus

Dioxus is now my full time job! I'm so excited to be able to work on this full time.

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Release NotesFeb 8 2023

Announcing Dioxus 0.3

The next big release of Dioxus is here! Templates, autoformatting, multiwindow support, and more!

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TechDec 11, 2022

Making Dioxus (almost) as fast as SolidJS

Using a new technique called subtree memoization, Dioxus is now almost as fast as SolidJS.

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Release NotesMar 9 2022

Announcing Dioxus 0.2

Just over two months in, and we already have a ton of awesome changes to Dioxus!

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Release NotesJan 3 2022

Announcing Dioxus 0.1

After months of work, we're very excited to release the first version of Dioxus! Dioxus is a new library for building interactive user interfaces with Rust. It is built around a VirtualDOM, making it portable for the web, desktop, server, mobile, and more.

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