Getting Started

This section will help you set up your Dioxus project!


An Editor

Dioxus integrates very well with the Rust-Analyzer LSP plugin which will provide appropriate syntax highlighting, code navigation, folding, and more.


Head over to and install the Rust compiler.

We strongly recommend going through the official Rust book completely. However, we hope that a Dioxus app can serve as a great first Rust project. With Dioxus, you'll learn about:

  • Error handling
  • Structs, Functions, Enums
  • Closures
  • Macros

We've put a lot of care into making Dioxus syntax familiar and easy to understand, so you won't need deep knowledge of async, lifetimes, or smart pointers until you start building complex Dioxus apps.

Setup Guides

Dioxus supports multiple platforms. Choose the platform you want to target below to get platform-specific setup instructions:

  • Web: runs in the browser through WebAssembly
  • Server Side Rendering: renders to HTML text on the server
  • Liveview: runs on the server, renders in the browser using WebSockets
  • Desktop: runs in a web view on desktop
  • Mobile: runs in a web view on mobile
  • Terminal UI: renders text-based graphics in the terminal