Terminal UI

You can build a text-based interface that will run in the terminal using Dioxus.

Hello World screenshot

Note: this book was written with HTML-based platforms in mind. You might be able to follow along with TUI, but you'll have to adapt a bit.


TUI support is currently quite experimental. But, if you're willing to venture into the realm of the unknown, this guide will get you started.

  • It uses flexbox for the layout
  • It only supports a subset of the attributes and elements
  • Regular widgets will not work in the tui render, but the tui renderer has its own widget components that start with a capital letter. See the widgets example
  • 1px is one character line height. Your regular CSS px does not translate
  • If your app panics, your terminal is wrecked. This will be fixed eventually

Getting Set up

Start by making a new package and adding Dioxus and the TUI renderer as dependancies.

cargo new --bin demo
cd demo
cargo add dioxus
cargo add dioxus-tui

Then, edit your main.rs with the basic template.

// import the prelude to get access to the `rsx!` macro and the `Scope` and `Element` types
use dioxus::prelude::*;

fn main() {
    // launch the app in the terminal

// create a component that renders a div with the text "Hello, world!"
fn App(cx: Scope) -> Element {
    cx.render(rsx! {
        div {
            "Hello, world!"

To run our app:

cargo run

Press "ctrl-c" to close the app. To switch from "ctrl-c" to just "q" to quit you can launch the app with a configuration to disable the default quit and use the root TuiContext to quit on your own.

// todo remove deprecated
#![allow(non_snake_case, deprecated)]

use dioxus::events::{KeyCode, KeyboardEvent};
use dioxus::prelude::*;
use dioxus_tui::TuiContext;

fn main() {
            // Some older terminals only support 16 colors or ANSI colors
            // If your terminal is one of these, change this to BaseColors or ANSI

fn App(cx: Scope) -> Element {
    let tui_ctx: TuiContext = cx.consume_context().unwrap();

    cx.render(rsx! {
        div {
            width: "100%",
            height: "10px",
            background_color: "red",
            justify_content: "center",
            align_items: "center",
            onkeydown: move |k: KeyboardEvent| if let KeyCode::Q = k.key_code {

            "Hello world!"