Development happens in the Dioxus GitHub repository. If you've found a bug or have an idea for a feature, please submit an issue (but first check if someone hasn't done it already).

GitHub discussions can be used as a place to ask for help or talk about features. You can also join our Discord channel where some development discussion happens.

Improving Docs

If you'd like to improve the docs, PRs are welcome! The Rust docs (source) and this guide (source) can be found in their respective GitHub repos.

Working on the Ecosystem

Part of what makes React great is the rich ecosystem. We'd like the same for Dioxus! So if you have a library in mind that you'd like to write and many people would benefit from, it will be appreciated. You can browse npm.js for inspiration. Once you are done, add your library to the awesome dioxus list or share it in the #I-made-a-thing channel on Discord.

Bugs & Features

If you've fixed an open issue, feel free to submit a PR! You can also take a look at the roadmap and work on something in there. Consider reaching out to the team first to make sure everyone's on the same page, and you don't do useless work!

All pull requests (including those made by a team member) must be approved by at least one other team member. Larger, more nuanced decisions about design, architecture, breaking changes, trade-offs, etc. are made by team consensus.

Before you contribute

You might be surprised that a lot of checks fail when making your first PR. That's why you should first run these commands before contributing, and it will save you lots of time, because the GitHub CI is much slower at executing all of these than your PC.

cargo fmt -- src/**/**.rs
  • You might need to install some packages on Linux (Ubuntu/deb) before the following commands will complete successfully (there is also a Nix flake in the repo root):
sudo apt install libgdk3.0-cil libatk1.0-dev libcairo2-dev libpango1.0-dev libgdk-pixbuf2.0-dev libsoup-3.0-dev libjavascriptcoregtk-4.1-dev libwebkit2gtk-4.1-dev
cargo check --workspace --examples --tests
  • Check if Clippy generates any warnings. Please fix these!
cargo clippy --workspace --examples --tests -- -D warnings
cargo test --all --tests
  • More tests, this time with cargo-make. Here are all steps, including installation:
cargo install --force cargo-make
cargo make tests
  • Test unsafe crates with MIRI. Currently, this is used for the two MIRI tests in dioxus-core and dioxus-native-core:
cargo miri test --package dioxus-core --test miri_stress
cargo miri test --package dioxus-native-core --test miri_native
  • Test with Playwright. This tests the UI itself, right in a browser. Here are all steps, including installation:Disclaimer: This might inexplicably fail on your machine without it being your fault. Make that PR anyway!
cd playwright-tests
npm ci
npm install -D @playwright/test
npx playwright install --with-deps
npx playwright test

How to test dioxus with local crate

If you are developing a feature, you should test it in your local setup before raising a PR. This process makes sure you are aware of your code functionality before being reviewed by peers.

  • Fork the following github repo (DioxusLabs/dioxus):

  • Create a new or use an existing rust crate (ignore this step if you will use an existing rust crate): This is where we will be testing the features of the forked
cargo new --bin demo
  • Add the dioxus dependency to your rust crate (new/existing) in Cargo.toml:
dioxus = { path = "<path to forked dioxus project>/dioxus/packages/dioxus", features = ["web", "router"] }

This above example is for dioxus-web, with dioxus-router. To know about the dependencies for different renderer visit here.

  • Run and test your feature
dx serve

If this is your first time with dioxus, please read the guide to get familiar with dioxus.