Navigation Targets

In the previous chapter, we learned how to create links to pages within our app. We told them where to go using the target property. This property takes something that can be converted to a NavigationTarget.

What is a navigation target?

A NavigationTarget is similar to the href of an HTML anchor element. It tells the router where to navigate to. The Dioxus Router knows two kinds of navigation targets:

  • Internal: We used internal links in the previous chapter. It's a link to a page within our app represented as a Route enum.
  • External: This works exactly like an HTML anchors' href. Don't use this for in-app navigation as it will trigger a page reload by the browser.

External navigation

If we need a link to an external page we can do it like this:

fn GoToDioxus() -> Element {
    rsx! {
        Link { to: "", "ExternalTarget target" }