If you are not familiar with Dioxus itself, check out the Dioxus guide first.

Whether you are building a website, desktop app, or mobile app, splitting your app's views into "pages" can be an effective method for organization and maintainability.

For this purpose, Dioxus provides a router. Use the cargo add command to add the dependancy:

cargo add dioxus-router

This book is intended to get you up to speed with Dioxus Router. It is splitinto two sections:

  1. The reference section explains individual features in depth. You can read it from start to finish, or you can read individual chapters in whatever order you want.
  2. If you prefer a learning-by-doing approach, you can check out the example project. It guides you through creating a dioxus app, setting up the router, and using some of its functionality.

Please note that this is not the only documentation for the Dioxus Router. Youcan also check out the API Docs.