In this guide, you'll learn to effectively use Dioxus Router whether you'rebuilding a small todo app or the next FAANG company. We will create a smallwebsite with a blog, homepage, and more!

To follow along with the router example, you'll need a working Dioxus app.Check out the Dioxus book to get started.

Make sure to add Dioxus Router as a dependency, as explained in theintroduction.

You'll learn how to

  • Create routes and render "pages".
  • Utilize nested routes, create a navigation bar, and render content for aset of routes.
  • Parse URL parameters to dynamically display content.
  • Redirect visitors to different routes.


The example will only display the features of Dioxus Router. It will notinclude any actual functionality. To keep things simple we will only be usinga single file, this is not the recommended way of doing things with a realapplication.

You can find the complete application in the full code chapter.